What is a Whole-House Retrofit (or Upgrade)?

Do you want your home to be energy efficient? Then a Whole House Retrofit from All Year is what you’re looking for!

What is a Whole House Retrofit or Upgrade?

Increasing your home’s energy efficiency cannot be done with merely switching out light bulbs or buying new appliances that says “energy efficient”. Increasing your home’s energy efficiency should be approached in a bigger picture, taking the home as a complete system.

Heating, air conditioning, insulating, water, and all other systems in your home should all work together in providing you with comfortable living as you enjoy lower utility bills.

Are you excited to turn your house into your dream home? Then call All Year Sacramento now and let’s start transforming your home to a more energy efficient version.

A Whole House Retrofit is bound to be EXPENSIVE!

As we move into the age where going green is popular, many public and private institutions have launched financial aid programs for home improvements having to do with energy efficiency.

Thousands of dollars in rebates and incentives are available when you take advantage of a Whole House Retrofit from All Year Sacramento.

When we mentioned thousands of dollars in rebates, we mean up to $9,000 from Sacramento Municipal Utility District (SMUD), and up to $4,000 from Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E). Now isn’t that a rebate you deserve? So upgrade your house now and live comfortably as you enjoy savings! Moreover, we will help you apply for these rebates.

We’re not stopping there yet.

100% financial assistance is also available. California Rural Home Mortgage Finance Authority (CRHMFA), now known as Golden State Finance Authority (GSFA), offers grants of up to $1,250 per home and finances the rest with a 3% fixed-interest rate loan for your home improvements. There is no down payment required, no home appraisal needed, and for no minimum credit score! There is no better time to upgrade your whole house to be as energy efficient as it can be.

Take Advantage of a Whole House Retrofit service from All Year Sacramento now

All Year Sacramento is a participating Contractor for energy efficiency upgrade programs. For more information on how we can change the way your house and energy consumption blends now, call All Year. Our experts can provide a personalized approach in assessing your home so we create a customized checklist of recommended energy improvements, and help you apply for financial assistance especially from the CHF.

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How to be qualified for a 100% financing from CHF?

  1. Are you the person on the title for the property?
  2. Is the mortgage current?
  3. Are the property taxes current?
  4. Do you have a current source of income?
  5. Do you want to make energy efficiency improvements to your home?
  6. Are you willing to meet with one of our All Year Sacramento experts to assess your home?

If you answered YES to all of the questions above, you may qualify for a low interest rate loan and grant from CHF. You are now ready for a Whole House Retrofit from All Year Sacramento!


  •      Up to $9000 from SMUD
  •      Up to $4000 from PG&E

The sum is greater than its parts! 100% Financial Assistance is Available!

Get a Grant for $1,250 per home AND finance the remaining cost for qualifying upgrades with a 3% fixed-interest rate loan from CHF.  No down payment required.  No appraisal on the home.  No minimum credit score.

Plus, several thousands of dollars in additional rebates may be available from your utility provider that we can help you apply for.

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