Water Heaters

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Tankless Water Heater by All Year AH

All Year Sacramento offers water heaters that would provide you with hot water exactly when you need it and with no waiting time.


Water Heater Systems

Tank-type water heaters

Typical water heater systems come with tanks and are called storage water heaters or tank-type water heaters. Water that is stored in the tank is continuously heated and made ready for use. Various energy sources can be used to heat the water. Electrical, solar, geothermal, natural gas and propane are all compatible with this system. Using a tank-type water heater allows you to save on energy because it consumes less to maintain the heat. You can opt to shut it down and still have plenty of hot water.

However, if you have exhausted all the hot water or the heat has already escaped when you have turned off the heating system, it takes quite a long time for the water to be hot again.

Tank-type water heaters are still common around the world and still costs less than other types of water heating systems.


While more traditional, tank-type water systems still work and provide multiple benefits:

  • Save on installation. Tank-type water heaters cost less upfront
  • Save on energy. You can shut your heater down and still have enough hot water in the tank. Also, since you can use propane or natural gas, they’re relatively cheaper than other options.


Tankless Water Heater Systems

Tankless water, on the other hand, is more recent and is becoming popular nowadays. These can also be called instantaneous, continuous flow, inline, flash, on-demand, or instant-on water heater systems.

As the name suggests, tankless water heater systems do not have any storage for water. These heater systems instantly heat the water that flows through the coil of the system. The main advantage of tankless systems is that they can continuously provide more hot water, unlike tank-types that are limited to heated water in their tanks tank.

Generally, tankless water heater systems are pricier, but they come with lots of benefits:

  • Save on electric bills. You only turn on the system when you need hot water.
  • Save on water bills. You don’t have to waste the water running through the faucet before you get hot water.
  • Save on space. Tankless systems don’t take up much space because you don’t need a huge tank for storing and heating water.
  • Save on maintenance and repairs. Tanks need maintenance to keep them from eventually breaking. And when these tanks do break, you’d either replace them or spend money on the repair.
  • Save YOURSELF. Most tankless systems are now equipped with temperature controls that prevent heating beyond safe levels. You can control the heat level instantly once the water becomes uncomfortably hot.

For whatever water system you would like, consult All Year and we can get the best for you. Water heaters are definitely needed for your home especially if you need a lot of hot water, and fast at that.

Just call All Year Sacramento and we can discuss with you the water heating system that would suit your needs and your budget. We will make sure that you will live in comfort while saving on both electric and water bills.

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