Sacramento Solar Hot Water

Join the California Solar Initiative (CSI) program and get cost-efficient water heater system with All Year. Tax credits and rebates will give you an investment that pays for itself, and a comfort of knowing you’re using a renewable energy source that doesn’t hard the environment.

All Year offers Sacramento residents water heater installation, service, and repairs.


Why go with a Solar Water Heating System?

  • Get a renewable energy source that pays for itself in 4-8 years
  • Get federal tax credits that totals to 30% of the cost of your system as well as utility rebates
  • Reduce your dependence on utility companies and save up to two-thirds on your water heating expenses
  • Go green and help the environment
  • Minimize the effects of energy price hikes
  • Help eliminate our country’s dependence on foreign oil


And by choosing All Year Sacramento to provide your Solar Water Heaters, you can get even more:

  • Easily choose the right system with our experts’ advice
  • Guaranteed quality components for optimal performance
  • Rejoice on our great incentives
  • High Return-on-Investment (ROI)
  • Reasonable financing programs available specifically for solar home improvements


What are the types of solar water heaters?

There are two main types of solar water heating systems and each works in a different manner. The two main types of solar water heaters are Active Solar Water Heaters and Passive Solar Water Heaters.

  • Passive solar water heating systems, on the other hand, makes use of the principle that hot water rises as cool water sinks. Thus, for Passive Solar Water Heaters, the collectors are installed below the storage tank. The main difference is that this type of solar water heaters doesn’t make use of pumps; thus, passive.
  • Active solar water heating systems use a pump to circulate water through the collectors for heating, and then into the home for utilizing. For places that freeze up in the winter, the pumps circulate a non-freezing fluid that in turn heats the water that will be used.


Accessible Solar Hot Water, Anytime

At All Year, we offer Active Solar Water Heating Systems, as they are more efficient than the passive variety.

With our water heaters, you are ensured that you’ll have access to hot water when you need it – even during winter. Even without adequate sunlight, All Year’s Water Heating System comes equipped with backup heaters so that you will still have ample hot water for your needs, perfect for Sacramento during very cold winters.

What’s more is that with Passive Water Heaters, the storage tanks tend to be placed in the highest part of the home – the roof at most cases. So the strength of the roof tends to be an issue unlike in Active Water Heaters that can be placed safely and efficiently on the basement where risks for falling are eliminated.


Take Advantage of a Solar Water Heating System from All Year Sacramento now!

There is no better time to take advantage of a Solar Water Heater from All Year Sacramento. Call All Year Sacramento now and let our experts help you help the environment as you enjoy the comforts of having hot water right when you need it, and as you save a lot, too! What are you waiting for? Call All Year Sacramento right now.


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