Hydronic Radiant Heating System

All Year offers Hydronic Radiant Heating Systems to keep your home warm and comfortable in a cold climate. Hydronic Radiant Heating Systems are liquid-based systems and are very efficient. These types of heaters use little electricity and are also able to use a variety of energy sources to be able to heat the liquid, that in turn, would heat the home.


Benefits of Radiant Heating Systems

Radiant heating systems are great for the following reasons:

  • Lower electricity bills because radiant heaters are energy efficient.
  • Radiant heating systems are compatible with various energy sources, including solar, geothermal, and natural gas.
  • Allergens are not distributed with radiant heating systems, unlike forced-air heating systems.
  • Heat loss by air infiltration is kept out of the picture because the system is installed right on the floor, and external air temperature cannot directly intervene.


Types of Radiant Heating Systems




Warmboards are radiant floor heating systems installed in the floorboards. With warmboards, heat gets conducted through tubes which contain the heated liquid under the floorboards. 

Warmboards are well-suited with solar and geothermal energy sources, which makes it very energy-efficient. It also works with electricity, natural gas, and propane, offering a wide variety of energy source options for you to choose from




Tubes for your hydronic radiant heating system can be installed even in concrete floor slabs – or what is referred to as a wet system. In a wet system, the heating tubes are embedded on the concrete of what would be the floor. In-slab radiant heating systems are common for basements and garages.

Since what would be heated is thick concrete, heat adjustments would have a slow response time. It is advisable to maintain a steady heat level for this kind of system. If you, however, would opt to utilize solar energy, in-slab systems are okay.

Better yet, give All Year Sacramento a call, and we can discuss in-slab heating systems with you.



If in-slab systems are wet systems, then there are bound to be dry systems – these are the in-floor systems. In-slab systems are common yet more pricey to install and modify. With modern flooring technology, doors have opened for more efficient hydronic radiant heating systems.

With radiant heat concrete flooring, instead of embedding the tubes in the concrete floor, the tubes are inserted in the space just beneath the floor covering or attached to a wooden subfloor. Doing so enables ease of installation and of modification. The thinner layer that surrounds the tubes from the surface of the floor also allows quicker heating, giving a faster response time in heat adjustments.


Depending on your heating needs, you may want to set your systems into divisions or zones which can be individually adjusted or calibrated with thermostats. Zone calibration allows you to increase or decrease the heat on specific areas, allowing you to meet your desired heat levels for maximum comfort.

Now that you are aware of the various hydronic heating systems that All Year Sacramento offers, it’s about time that you call All Year Sacramento and ask for the radiant heating system that is best for your home. Keep your home cozy with radiant heating systems only from All Year.


Radiant Heating Repair and Installation

If you do the necessary maintenance of your radiant heating system, whether be it under floor heating or hydronic heating concrete slab, it can work up to 35 years or even longer. Many people switch from having furnaces and boilers to radiant heating systems because those typically last up to 20 years. 


Once it has been installed, there’s a low chance that your radiant heat tubing will break, but if ever this happens, All Year will be able to assist you with this. We have been serving heating systems in Sacramento and surrounding areas for over 45 years now, and we have been the local provider of HVAC servicing needs in a smart and environmentally-conscious way. Our team can inspect your radiant heating system and provide you with a plan to solve it.

Contact us here for more information.


Frequently Asked Questions

How does radiant heating work?

While other heating systems provide air systems that heat the air. radiant heating systems rely on surfaces to warm up your home. These are typically installed on floors, but can also be in concrete radiant heating, in-floor water radiant heating systems, or warm boards. There is a straightforward process behind a radiant heating system the underfloor heating has warm water circulating in it. The heat in this type of system is gradual because pumps are used, and not fans, which are typically used in other heating systems.


What is the average lifespan of a radiant heating floor?

If you are able to do the upkeep of your radiant heating system, it can work for up to 35 years or even longer. 


Does the tubing in the radiant floor heating break or leak?

If your heating system wasn’t installed properly, there can be a break or leak in it. But aside from this, there’s a very low chance that your radiant heat tubing will break or leak. If ever this will happen, All Year will be ready to assist you. Just contact us and our team can inspect your radiant heating system and provide you with a plan to solve the break or the leak.


Can I use air conditioning with a radiant floor heating system?

It is not advisable to use air conditioning with a radiant floor heating system. In principle, these systems can also be used to cool the air in your space, but to be able to decrease the internal temperature in a room, the temperature of your cooling surface should go down. The problem with this is, the condensation that will form can do harm to your floor covering. Plus, your comfort will be compromised as cool floors are not the most pleasant to walk on. 

Can radiant heating systems get too hot?

The radiant heating systems that were launched before were found to be too hot because they were built in the same way as a conventional baseboard system. But there have been a lot of improvements over the years to make sure that this won’t occur in your radiant heating system. There are now indoor and outdoor reset systems installed in order to have a more efficient response time and to anticipate heating needs. Here at All Year, we have the most advanced systems for radiant heating to offer to our clients.


Will radiant heat warm wooden floors?

Hydronic heating systems can be used on hardwood floors, while hydroscopic systems are used on wooden floors. But if you decide to use these materials, there should be extra time and effort dedicated to it during the installation process for it to work properly. Our team here at All Year can help you with that as it is a more complex process.


Can I use/install carpet over a radiant floor?

Yes, you can do that, but only with hydronic heating systems. The most conducive covering is tile, followed by hardwood, carpet, and pad.


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