Duct Sealing & Repair

Ensuring your comfort and helping you save money

  • Lower your electricity bills
  • Better air circulation and room temperature control
  • Keep your family safe from harmful air

Do you know that leaking air ducts can cost you more or less half of your energy bills? With broken air ducts, your heating and cooling systems to overwork, running up your electricity bill. That means that for every dollar you pay energy companies, you haven’t actually enjoyed the comfort that your bill shows otherwise.

Thus, duct sealing and duct repairs are necessary measures that should not only ensure your comfort, but it should also help you save as much as half of what you are currently spending on your electric bills.


What are common duct problems?

There are two main problems regarding ducts. First, the supply ducts leak and send expensive conditioned air into places that are not supposed to receive it, like the attic. Second, the return ducts leak and draw unconditioned air into the duct system.

Other duct problems that you may encounter are:

  • Poorly designed duct systems
  • Loosely-sealed grills and registers
  • Damaged insulated flexible plastic air ducts
  • Ducts that are not fully insulated or are not insulated at all
  • Unmaintained and dirty ducts


What are tell-tale signs that you are facing duct problems?             

If you’re not sure if you are experiencing duct problems, try to observe and see if the following signs are present, as these may tell you that you have duct problems:

  • High utility bills for both summer and winter.
  • Certain rooms are difficult to heat or to cool
  • The rooms that you planned to make comfy are not so
  • Your ducts are installed in the attic, in the garage, or in crawlspaces
  • Tangles or kinked flexible ducts can be seen in your duct system


How should a proper duct system look like?Duct Sealing and Repair Services

We now know what a duct system with problems looks like. But what should a good duct system be like?

  • The connections of your duct system are properly aligned and sealed.
  • The connections to your grills or registers are tightly sealed.
  • The air duct is properly connected to the furnace and their connection is sealed.
  • The air ducts are insulated in unfinished or exposed areas like crawlspaces and garages.
  • No airflow is constricted for areas that need the conditioned air.


Call All Year Sacramento as soon as any of these signs occur so we can inspect whether the problem is with your ducts.


What duct repair and sealing services can All Year perform?

All Year Sacramento takes care of all of your duct problems.
Whatever your problems with your duct systems are, better call All Year Sacramento right away! You might have been spending lots and lots of hard-earned money on energy bills for consumption that you have not enjoyed. Maximize your energy efficiency while making sure your precious conditioned air is not being used in places that don’t need it!

Call All Year Sacramento now and take advantage of the top-notch quality duct sealing and duct repairs that no other company can offer. Trust only in All Year and your ducts would be working great all year long – and even longer!

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