Understand how your furnace works, how to maintain it, and detecting possible problems in your heating systems. These are some articles that might help you out.

HIgh-efficiency condencing furnaces

Why is My Furnace Blowing Cold Air?

With the breeze getting cooler and cooler, you’re expecting your furnace to provide you warmth for a more comfortable feel inside your home. When you turn on the furnace in your Sacramento home, the last thing you want is to get hit with a blast of cool air. Unfortunately, this inconvenience is actually more common […]


When Is It Time To (Finally) Replace Your Furnace?

The furnace is an important installation for every household, especially during the colder months approaching the winter season. It’s essential to have a furnace that is working fully optimized during the cold weather to get your home the necessary heating for you and your family’s comfort. However, like all other appliances, the furnace is prone […]

All Year - What Are The Most Common Furnace Problems (That I Should Know About)

What Are The Most Common Furnace Problems (That I Should Know About)?

Owning a furnace in Sacramento is always a good thing, especially during the chilly months of December and January, when temperatures can drop to a freezing cold. Many people, both young and old, can exhibit health issues when subjected to such conditions, making furnaces an ideal addition to the house. Using a furnace, you can […]

All Year - How to Prepare Your Furnace for the Winter Season

How to Prepare Your Furnace for the Winter Season

The coldest season of the year is almost here, and sitting by the fire won’t be enough to fight against the freezing weather conditions. It is important to make sure that your furnace system is ready for the winter cold. How do you make sure that your heating system is ready? Here are a few […]

All Year - How Often Does My Furnace Need a Tune-up

How Often Does My Furnace Need a Tune-up?

It’s important to ensure that your furnace is working well especially before the winter season arrives, since your furnace will most likely have to work overtime to keep you warm during the cold weather. A tune-up is necessary if you want to detect any potential issues and fix them before they cause any damage. The […]


How to keep your house warm this fall

As summer comes to a close, the well-loved fall breeze eases in. While almost everyone loves this subtle change in temperature, it cannot be denied that fall can also bring some chilly days and nights. To others, this is an anticipated event. To some, this means time to put on the layers. Whichever you choose […]


Furnace not working? Try this!

Now that the cold months are here, a lot of people are cramming in the necessary things to keep their home warm. What is more reliable than a good old furnace, right? However, many of us do not give serious and necessary attention to this matter. All year round, we postpone seasonal tasks such as […]


How Often Should You Tune Up Your Home Heating System?

Your heating system, just like most of your machines at home need a regular check-up and maintenance to make sure it runs smoothly. Especially during this wintertime, your house heating system and your furnace should be at their top shape to provide a healthy level of warmth inside the home. Below are some important information […]

Why is my furnace producing weird odors

Why is my furnace producing weird odors?

What those smells coming from your furnace could indicate and what to do about them Many homeowners have experienced smelling a weird odor coming from their furnace and wondered what it could be, but did you know that those odd smells could actually be an indication of a problem with your furnace? While’s it’s not […]

Stay Warm and Safe this Winter Season

Stay Warm and Safe this Winter Season!

When it comes to staying warm during the winter, many of us don’t think beyond cranking up our heaters, or turning on the fireplace to beat the cold and keep our homes comfortable. Since we spend much more of our time indoors during the winter months trying to stay out of the rainy and windy […]