How to Clean Your Home AC 

Keeping your AC clean is one of the simplest yet most effective ways of ensuring that it will last you a long time. Regular clean-up also guarantees that it will function efficiently. It will maintain the temperature in your home at the desired level. The number one issue AC systems face are the dust and dirt build-up […]


Signs your Air Conditioner Needs a Recharge

When it comes to a machine such as your air conditioner, several things can go wrong. Without determining the problem, you can’t come up with the right solution. As a homeowner, it is crucial to know the basic principles of your AC, so you know what your next steps need to be if sometime goes […]


Business As Usual For All Year Heating & Air Conditioning

All Year Heating & Air Conditioning, Service and Repair is open for business as usual. As such, service appointments for maintenance and repair are being processed and dispatched on a daily basis. Our intention is to do everything in our power to continue to provide our services and keep you and your home safe, comfortable, […]


How to keep your house warm this fall

As summer comes to a close, the well-loved fall breeze eases in. While almost everyone loves this subtle change in temperature, it cannot be denied that fall can also bring some chilly days and nights. To others, this is an anticipated event. To some, this means time to put on the layers. Whichever you choose […]


Furnace not working? Try this!

Now that the cold months are here, a lot of people are cramming in the necessary things to keep their home warm. What is more reliable than a good old furnace, right? However, many of us do not give serious and necessary attention to this matter. All year round, we postpone seasonal tasks such as […]


Why Whole House Fans Are Great For Summer

The summer season is upon us. And while thoughts commonly wander towards images of the beach, brand new summer wear, or long trips on the open road, for more forward-thinking homeowners, other burning questions linger: “It’s crazy warm out here– where’d all this sun come from?” “How much is my AC bill going to be […]

5 Signs Your AC Needs Replacement

5 Signs Your AC Needs Replacement

Imagine a warm summer day in sunny Sacramento. Now imagine you are comfortably tucked into your bed ready to take an afternoon nap. Suddenly, you hear a loud creaking noise from your AC, and you can’t figure out why it is making that noise. This may be a sign that your air conditioning system needs […]


What are the advantages of a whole house fan?

A whole house fan is often an afterthought for new homeowners who have experienced the worst summer of their lives. Whole house fans have many benefits; it does not only keep the house well ventilated, but it also helps maintain the temperature of the house. We are listing the top benefits of installing a whole […]


How Often Should You Tune Up Your Home Heating System?

Your heating system, just like most of your machines at home need a regular check-up and maintenance to make sure it runs smoothly. Especially during this wintertime, your house heating system and your furnace should be at their top shape to provide a healthy level of warmth inside the home. Below are some important information […]