Winter HVAC Tips: Stay Warm with All Year Heating and Air in Sacramento, California


When the winter chill sets in, ensuring your home is both warm and safe becomes a top priority. Instead of just relying on your heater or fireplace, consider these tips from All Year Heating and Air, the leading HVAC service provider in Sacramento, California. From furnace maintenance to space heater safety, we’ve got you covered for a cozy and worry-free winter season. Contact us for a professional service

Ensure Your Furnace is Winter-Ready:

  • Before winter arrives, schedule a thorough inspection of your furnace. Look out for signs such as unusual sounds, thermostat malfunctions, lack of heating, strange odors, or a pilot light acting up. Investing in regular maintenance is more cost-effective than facing a complete furnace replacement. Learn more about common furnace problems in our related piece.

Practice Space Heater Safety:

  • For targeted heating, many homeowners opt for space heaters. Ensure safe usage by following manufacturer recommendations. Keep them on flat, hard surfaces and maintain a 10-foot distance from flammable items to prevent accidents.

Optimize Heating Efficiency with a Programmable Thermostat:

  • A programmable thermostat not only keeps your home warm but also reduces energy costs. Program it to heat your home when needed and turn off when unoccupied, ensuring a comfortable environment and lower utility bills.

Install Carbon Monoxide Detectors:

  • Protect your family from the silent threat of carbon monoxide by installing detectors on every floor. Regularly check their functionality and battery power to ensure continuous safety. Learn about potential sources of carbon monoxide in your home.

Chimney Maintenance is Crucial:

  • If you have a fireplace, have your chimney professionally cleaned and inspected before winter to avoid potential carbon monoxide leaks. Ensure a cozy ambiance without compromising safety.

Seal Leaks in Windows and Doors:

  • Prevent heat loss by checking and re-caulking seals on windows, doors, and leaks in the ceiling and attic. This simple step enhances energy efficiency and keeps your home warm.

Check All Vents:

  • Don’t overlook the importance of unblocked vents for optimal heating. Move furniture or objects obstructing airflow, and clear any debris or cobwebs that could hinder the performance of your heating and air unit.


As winter approaches, prioritize safety and comfort in your home. Schedule a professional tune-up with All Year Heating and Air to ensure your heating and air system is ready for winter’s demands. With over 40 years of expertise, we serve Sacramento, Roseville, El Dorado County, Placer County, and surrounding areas. Call us at (916) 922-7796 for reliable HVAC services.

Stay warm and cozy this winter with All Year Heating and Air – your trusted HVAC partner in Sacramento!