Why Whole House Fans Are Great For Summer

Why Whole House Fans Are Great For Summer

The summer season is upon us. And while thoughts commonly wander towards images of the beach, brand new summer wear, or long trips on the open road, for more forward-thinking homeowners, other burning questions linger:

“It’s crazy warm out here– where’d all this sun come from?”

“How much is my AC bill going to be this summer?”

“Who thought climate change isn’t a real thing?”


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If you have air-conditioning installed at home, that’s great. What’s not so great is the look on your face when you start seeing your energy bills.

This is where a whole house fan in Sacramento might come in handy.

Summers in Sacramento can be relentless, especially so in months like July, where temperatures can push towards the mid- and high-90’s. Installing a whole house fan in your home can make the scorching summer weather a lot more bearable.

Commonly set up in your attic, a whole house fan draws all the warm, stale, humid air within your home and pulls in fresher air from the outside through your windows and doors.

What you get is a steady, refreshing indoor breeze moving through your home.


Whole House Fans Save You Money

One of the reasons why whole house fans have been steadily gaining popularity again these days is that they significantly cut down on energy costs.

Switching off the air conditioning towards the evening and letting your whole house fan work its magic can bring the interior temperature of your home down by as much as 20 degrees Fahrenheit.

Whether as a standalone cooling option for your home or working in tandem with your existing AC installation, lower energy bills mean you save more money– and all those savings from heating and cooling costs add up over a year.


You Get Cleaner Air Inside The Home with a Whole House Fan

As stagnant air gets sucked out of your home, allowing for fresher air to come inside, you’re also reducing airborne hazards this way.

Nasty stuff like radon, formaldehyde, carbon monoxide, as well as odors from cooking and pets also get vented out, leaving you with a cleaner quality of air inside, so long as your whole house fan is running.


Whole House Fans Are Eco-Friendly

Usually going green on a home improvement project means added costs to your bottom line.

But the installation of a whole house fan costs far less than a brand new AC system. And when you consider the long-term benefits to your family’s health and well-being, as well as your positive contribution to the environment, all the good you’ve done far outweighs any cost investment you’ve incurred.

All Year Air & Heating highly recommends the QuietCool brand of whole house fans.

All Year Air & Heating highly recommends the QuietCool brand of whole house fans.

Whole House Fans for Summer Cooling

Even without air-conditioning, a home with a whole house fan coupled with several ceiling fans can make the summer months a lot more bearable.

At the same time, whole house fans save you a great deal in heating and cooling costs, it cleans the air inside your home, and it’s great for the environment.


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