Why NATE-Certified Technicians Provide Stellar Service

Why NATE-Certified Technicians Provide Stellar Service

What is a NATE-certified technician and why should you care if your technician has this qualification?

NATE is the acronym for North American Technician Excellence. It is the largest nonprofit certification organization for HVAC and refrigeration technicians in the country. To earn NATE certification, a tech needs to pass a core examination. This basic test covers installation and service of common HVAC equipment. NATE-certified technicians can also specialize in specific equipment, such as heat pumps, air conditioners and furnaces. The advantage here is that a specialized tech comes to the table with a greater knowledge of your equipment and can diagnose problems that uncertified techs can miss.

Why Have A NATE-certified Technician Working On Your Equipment?

A NATE-certified technician must remain skilled and keep abreast of changes in his field. To remain certified, he must be tested every five years. This is extremely important, as anyone who works on your equipment must be able to install it properly and identify any problems. He must also have the skills required to remedy those problems. Most NATE-certified techs take continuing education courses to stay on top of the newest developments in home heating and cooling. This means your NATE tech will have the most up-to-date information when he works on your equipment.

Do NATE-certified Technicians Charge More?

The contractor who employs your NATE-certified technician will determine what you pay for service. The expertise a NATE-certified technician offers will cost you no more or less than what an uncertified technician offers. When you know you need a new system, or you need service, call at least three contractors. Ask each if he employs NATE-certified techs. Get referrals and a written estimate from each contractor. Chances are, the contractor who employs the NATE-certified techs will charge something close to what his competitors charge. And even if he charges a bit more, the assurance that the job will be done right is worth the money.

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