Save Money With Our Home Performance Program!

Save Money With Our Home Performance Program!

In this tepid economy, you are probably trying to save money wherever possible, and your household energy usage is no exception.  The best way to get the most energy savings is to be fully informed about how energy is lost in your home.  The best way to effectively do this is with a professional home performance evaluation.

Save with the No. 1 Sacramento HVAC Expert!

In a home performance evaluation, sophisticated diagnostic tools are used to identify areas where you can increase energy savings.  In addition to visual inspections, your HVAC technician will perform the following tests:

  • Blower door test for whole-house leakage analysis
  • Attic insulation inspection
  • Infrared photography and thermal scan analysis
  • Flow hood testing
  • Room air flow analysis
  • Duct leakage testing
  • Flue testing

Energy savings are not the only benefits you can gain from a home performance evaluation; your home will also be tested for:

  • Safety of combustion appliances
  • Indoor humidity level
  • Indoor air quality
  • Gas leaks
  • Carbon monoxide
  • Mold sampling

With a professional evaluation, you will have peace of mind that your home and indoor environment are safe for your family. Equally important, you can save money by ensuring your heating and cooling equipment is performing as efficiently as possible.

After your home performance evaluation, the professionals at All Year will make recommendations on how to address all identified problems. After making the suggested home improvements, you will find that your home comfort will increase and your monthly utility bills will be lower.

Home performance evaluations can be done year-round. However, in the Sacramento area, right now is a good time to schedule an appointment. Making the recommended changes before the summer heat hits can help you save on monthly cooling bills.  Call us to schedule your home performance evaluation and start reaping energy savings today.

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