NATE and Why It Matters

NATE and Why It Matters

Expertly trained heating and cooling technicians should provide quick, efficient service that ensures your equipment runs at maximum efficiency. But how can you really know if your technician is expertly trained? Ask your contractor if their employees are NATE certified.

NATE Certified Technicians in Sacramento

NATE stands for North American Technician Excellence. It is an independent, third-party, nonprofit organization that certifies HVAC professionals. Anyone who receives NATE certification has passed NATE testing, proving they have the skills and knowledge to provide outstanding service on your heating and cooling equipment. Among the benefits of HVAC work performed by NATE-certified technicians:

  • Reduced utility bills thanks to proper installation and upkeep.
  • Fewer repairs — and repair bills.
  • The work will be done correctly the first time. You don’t have to call back the contractor.
  • When you ask questions of your technician, you know the advice you receive comes from an expert.

By not choosing an expert who has their NATE certification, you risk improper installation and maintenance of your HVAC system. For some households, that can mean poor indoor air quality, repeated repairs, uneven humidity levels and the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning — and, of course, higher utility bills.

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