What are the advantages of a whole house fan?

A whole house fan is often an afterthought for new homeowners who have experienced the
worst summer of their lives. Whole house fans have many benefits; it does not only keep the
house well ventilated, but it also helps maintain the temperature of the house.
We are listing the top benefits of installing a whole-house fan in your home.

Whether you are heating or cooling your entire house, having a whole house fan practically
helps with both. When your heater is on, it consumes a considerable amount of energy to
arrives at your desired temperature and continually works as hard to make sure the
temperature is maintained. With a whole house fan installed, heaters can rest a little while the
whole house fan retains the heat of the house by working its system. The same goes for cooling
the home. The air conditioner eats up loads of power to reach the desired temperature as
quickly as possible. Switching to the whole house fan after the room has cooled down, will
benefit not only your electric bills but also your appliance. The wear and tear of your heater and
air conditioning units will be reduced as the whole house fan will do half the work for them.

A whole house fan also helps keep you family healthy. As much as families want to keep the
dust out by keeping windows closed, they are also trapping airborne particles and other
organisms that in the air. Using a whole house fan helps remove stale air in the house, making
sure that the air that flows inside the house is fresh and free from radicals that can threaten the
health of family members, especially kids. It also helps eliminate lousy odor or stuffy dense air
in the house. A well-ventilated home also helps keep mold from thriving. With a place well
ventilated, oxygen roams freely in the room. And oxygen is an active component in the
environment that is notorious for keeping mold from growing.

Operating your whole house fan cost 25 percent less than running your heater and air
conditioner. This means you can save on hundreds of dollars during the winter and the summer
seasons when your system works the most. And since it takes some of the work done by your
appliances, you also save on repair cost of your heater and air conditioning unit because these
are not overworked.

These are some of the most glaring benefits of a whole house fan, for more details you can
reach out to our staff so they can explain further why your home should have one.

Some households are intimidated by the thought of having a whole house fan because the
structure is complicated— with all the vents and tubing that it requires. Fret not; a whole
house fan is easy to install given the experience of All Year.

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comfort and improve your quality of life.

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