What are the Advantages of a Whole-House Fan?

Here, we explain what a whole-house fan is and how it can create a healthy and comfortable home environment.


During the sweltering summer months, we rely heavily on our AC units to create a comfortable home environment. However, the downside is that they consume so much energy and thus release a significant amount of pollution and cause a significant dent in our monthly budget. 


If you don’t want to sacrifice your comfort and want to go “green,” All Year HVAC experts recommend that you install Whole-House Fans


A Whole-House Fans unit is an energy-efficient ventilation system that pulls cool air from outside, into your home, and then out the attic vents. With this continuous airflow, you get to enjoy a comfortable home environment without having to worry about high energy bills. 


If you’re still not convinced that a whole-house fans unit is an excellent investment for your home, continue reading below to learn more about its benefits.

Significant Savings

Did you know that you can slash between 50% and 90% of your cooling needs with whole-house fans? And in some regions, it’s even possible to eliminate the need for AC units. 


Quiet Home Cooling System

Today’s units are significantly quieter compared to previous models; this is especially true when they are installed correctly. That’s why at All Year, our licensed technicians are meticulous when it comes to proper installation.


But how quiet are whole-house fans? Do they produce a faint buzz or a barely perceptible sound?


With the right model and installation, a whole-house fan generates a sound level as low as 45 decibels, which is almost comparable to a quiet library. On the other hand, a typical home where residents have a normal conversation has a sound decibel of around 50-60. 


We also install the whole-house fan into the attic space so you can enjoy a quiet and out-of-sight cooling system. 


Healthier and Safer Indoor Air

Thanks to increased ventilation, whole-house fans can minimize the risk of COVID and other airborne diseases; this is especially true if you use it along with other health practices recommended by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. 


Eliminate the Stale, Stuffy Air During Winter 

In winter, you can turn on your whole-house fan during the warmest times of the day (even just for a few minutes) to promote good air circulation, which removes the stale and stuffy air. 


Comfortable Home Environment 

Did you know that it only takes a few seconds to feel 5-10 degrees cooler after turning on your whole-house fans? By contrast, a standard AC unit needs one hour and 12 minutes to cool down a house by 4 degrees.


Owning a Whole-House Fan

Thanks to Whole-House Fans, Sacramento homeowners don’t have to invest in expensive cooling systems just to enjoy a comfortable environment or worry about high energy bills. 

Contact us today to learn more about this energy-efficient home improvement that creates a comfortable environment and ensures safe and healthy indoor air.