Getting Ready for Air Conditioner Season

Summer Heat May Put Strain on your AC System

As a Californian, you’ve more than likely had the experience of being in a home or building that does not have a functioning air conditioning system and know exactly how it feels to be trapped in such sweaty discomfort for too long. We often hear stories about how people either reluctantly suffer through the heat without an A/C, or instead find a way to get creative by seeking out cooler temperatures elsewhere.

Stories like that of an elderly woman for example, who bought a fan to try and ease the heat and humidity in her home one summer when her air conditioning system broke down, only to eventually discover that the fan was no match for cooling down her entire house, so as a result, she decided to spend the rest of those hot summer days at the local recreational facility to keep cool. The air conditioning companies of California have even seen cases where an individual will sit in their running car for an afternoon just so they can have the air conditioning! The list of air conditioning-horror-stories is a long one, but for every A/C system dilemma, there is always a solution to be found by the pros at All Year!

How to Lessen Strain on Your Air Conditioning

Record-breaking temperatures are expected to continue throughout this year and beyond so now more than ever is the time to get your air conditioning system in the best shape possible! Living in California heat means that we depend on upon our air conditioners rather frequently and as such, it’s important to take care of our A/C systems with all the proper maintenance and repair checks provided by the air conditioning experts at All Year. In addition to maintaining a regular check-up routine with your All Year specialist, there are a number of things you can do to help relieve the strain put on your A/C unit by the intense summer heat.

Check and clean all filters: clogged and dirty air filters can dramatically impact how your unit functions and cause a backup situation in which the air cannot flow through properly resulting in the unit seizing up. Excess dirt and debris on the filters can really put excess strain on an air conditioning unit that is being run constantly during the summer months.

Make sure the condenser unit is always free of debris: it’s vital to keep the condenser located outside of your home is totally free of branches, leaves, and other debris, because the condenser will function optimally only when the airflow surrounding the unit is free from obstruction.

Inspect all ductwork for debris as well: just as with the condenser unit, you need to clear away any obstructions surrounding or inside of the vents of your home, and clean and tune-up the ductwork as well to get the best results out of your system this summer.

Smart programming of your thermostat: One quick and easy way to ease the strain on your A/C unit is to use and program your thermostat strategically, or in a way that cools your home in the most efficient way possible. By knowing the optimal time, duration, and temperature at which to run the system, you will be better able to keep cool while maintaining a reasonable budget.

Remember to get in touch with your All Year air conditioning specialist to schedule a quick and easy maintenance inspection for your A/C unit soon, and beat the heat this summer!