Six Things You Can Do To Boost The Efficiency Of Your HVAC System

Six Things You Can Do To Boost The Efficiency Of Your HVAC System

California consumers tend to be environmentally conscious, striving to be green in every aspect of their lives. Your home consumes a lot of energy just for cooling and heating, so taking steps to increase efficiency in these systems makes a big impact. It’s important to All Year Heating, Air & Solar that we help our customers save as much energy as possible.

Here are six strategies you can use in your home to get more efficiency from your HVAC system:

  • Change your air filters regularly. Air filters do an important job, filtering the air and preventing dirt from penetrating your HVAC system. Therefore, to keep your air and HVAC system clean, check your air filters each month during seasons of regular use. If they look dirty, change them.
  • Get regular maintenance. Servicing your heating and cooling equipment is important to keep its components lubricated, cleaned and replaced as necessary. This helps the systems to run as efficiently as possible and extends their life spans.
  • Use a programmable thermostat. By programming lower temperatures when your home is unoccupied and during the night, you can save a lot of energy. You can do this manually, but busy homeowners are likely to forget.
  • Maintain your air ducts. Your home’s air distribution system, the ductwork, is a source of considerable energy loss, up to 20 percent. Sealing air leaks that exist within the duct’s pipes and connectors prevents unnecessary air loss. Keeping them well insulated also contributes to energy savings.
  • Upgrade equipment for efficiency. Older HVAC systems eventually lose their capacity to efficiently heat and cool the home.  Furnace systems and air conditioning units older than 10 years potentially cost you a lot of money in lost energy. Evaluate the potential lifetime savings you could gain by investing in a new system.
  • Consider installation factors. New HVAC systems must be properly installed to get the efficiency they are designed to produce. All Year’s installation experts take your home’s unique design considerations into account when sizing a system.

For more efficient results throughout your home, please contact All Year. We are standing by and can help you sort through your options.

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