Schedule Your Annual HVAC Service Check Before Using Your Air Conditioner

Schedule Your Annual HVAC Service Check Before Using Your Air Conditioner

An annual service check should be the first item on your spring to-do list. Your air conditioner sat idle during the winter season, and before you crank it up for the summer, you’ll benefit significantly from having it serviced.

You see, an annual service check keeps your A/C operating at peak capacity, helping to ensure that it stays free of buildup that can wreak havoc on the system’s internal components, which will lead to higher energy consumption and lower cooling capacity.

But the benefits of an annual service check extend beyond efficiency.

Maximize your investment

When your air conditioner is cleaned every year, you’ll help to extend its overall life span. In fact, most experts agree that just by engaging in regular maintenance, you can lengthen the life of your air conditioner by as much as five years. And with the costs to replace an A/C high, the relatively low cost of ensuring consistent maintenance will pay off in the long run.

Fewer repairs

A system that is maintained regularly is more reliable. An annual service check keeps your system clean, and can help ward off problems that would eventually require a repair. If the system’s fan motor is wearing out, for instance, that component can be replaced before it causes damage throughout the rest of the system.

Lower carbon footprint

If you keep your air conditioner running at peak capacity, it will consume less energy, thereby lowering your equipment’s overall carbon footprint. Using energy wisely is the responsibility of all homeowners, and will reduce our country’s fuel consumption, and positively impact the environment.

Energy savings

If you want to see an immediate affect of an annual service check, just look at your energy bills. An air conditioner that minimizes electricity consumption will result in lower energy bills.

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