Ready to Use your Air-Conditioning?

As the summer is fast approaching and the weather gets increasingly warm with each passing week, it is time to finally start thinking about getting our air conditioning systems tuned up and ready to go!

With record-breaking temperatures expected this summer in California, it is essential to have an efficient and properly functioning air conditioning system if you wish to stand any chance of beating the heat. So if you haven’t already scheduled an appointment with a professional Sacramento air conditioning system company to inspect and tune-up your A/C unit before the intense heat of the summer arrives, you could save yourself a lot of sweat and stress by doing so now!

There are however, several small tasks homeowners can do on their own in order to get ready to use their air conditioning unit for the first time of the year.

Prior to listing those steps and consulting with a Sacramento air conditioning system company to inspect your unit, it is helpful for your general knowledge to understand the basic elements of the air conditioning system itself before performing any maintenance or cleaning on it. Here is a simple description of the three main parts of a central air conditioning system:

  1. The condenser: the large, metal box unit located outside of the home and it regulates the temperature of the refrigerant, which travels back and forth from the condenser unit to the house, and by pressurizing the refrigerant, the condenser turns that refrigerant into a high- temperature liquid.
  2. The blower: receives the liquid refrigerant from the condenser, turning it back into gas, and then this cold gas gets pushed through a coil in the ductwork, over which passes the now cooled air
  3. The ductwork: the cooled air from the ductwork in the blower is then drawn through the ductwork and into the house through the air vents, and then the refrigerant is then returned back to the condenser to repeat the cycle.

As a homeowner, you can leave the technical aspects of A/C maintenance and care up to the Sacramento air conditioning system specialists, but now that you know the basic elements making up a central air unit, let’s take a look at the few things you can do on your own to help get your A/C unit ready for this summer season!

  1. Clean those filters! A clogged and dirty air filter can dramatically impact how your unit functions, as it can cause a back up situation when the air cannot flow through properly, often resulting in the unit seizing up.
  2. Inspect for water damage: due to the accumulation of condensation, moisture and water have the potential to build up and eventually cause water damage, and while most units will have a pump that removes excess water, if there is damage to that pump, water could accumulate and cause serious damage.
  3. Keep the condenser located outside of your home free of foliage and other debris: the condenser functions optimally when the airflow surrounding the unit is not obstructed by objects, so keep the area clear at all times.
  4. Maintain the ductwork: clear any obstructions surrounding or in the vents of your home, clean and tune-up the ductwork as well, while keeping a keen eye out for any signs of mold!

Once the basic steps are completed, be sure to consult with an expert Sacramento air conditioning system contractor if any issues arise during your routine maintenance!

If you need help, don’t hesitate to call All Year! The professionals are all year are here to help you and keep you comfortable during the summer months and all year around!