Radiant Floors

Radiant Floors

During the winter, it can get uncomfortably cold even inside your own home. Traditional heating systems like baseboard heating or forced-air heating are fine but radiant floor heating has been proven to be an even better heating system for you.

What is Radiant Floor Heating?

Radiant floor heating is a heating mechanism wherein the heat source is installed directly on the floor, and the heat provides warmth from there. Despite being called “radiant”, radiant floors do not exactly show heat transfer by radiation but rather by convection. This is the movement of heat is through convection or the rising of warm air and the sinking of cool air.

Radiant floors work either by having liquid in the tubes that are installed under the floors, or by electric cables built especially for heating. The first type is called hydronic radiant floors, and the second is called electric radiant floors.

What are the benefits of Radiant Floors?

Baseboard heating and forced-air heating are fine heating systems but radiant floors prove to be better.

Radiant floors are preferred by people with allergies. Forced-air heating systems can distribute allergens as it transfer heat. Radiant floors do not. Also, since radiant floors are installed on the floor and convection takes over from there, ducts are not needed.

Get radiant floors from All Year now

Whether it be the hydronic or the electric variant that you choose, All Year can provide you with high quality and high performing radiant floors. Call us now and we can discuss with you which one is more suitable for you and how we can change the way you heat your homes during the cold winter days with radiant floors.