Programmable Thermostat Settings — A Few Tricks Of The Trade

Programmable Thermostat Settings — A Few Tricks Of The Trade

Over time, homeowners learn how best to adjust programmable thermostat settings to suit them. Setback temperatures should be adjusted in the low and high range for maximum savings without sacrificing comfort for members of the family.

These thermostats have preprogrammed settings when installed. Experiment with yours and find the best times and setback temperatures for your particular situation. Once found, make your thermostat work for you to start enjoying energy savings.

Sacramento Air Conditioning: A Few Tips

In order to maximize the technology, comfort and savings, here are a few tips to help the Sacramento homeowner with their programmable thermostat settings:

  • Zoning: If you have a home with zoning, a separate thermostat is needed for each zone. This will ensure that all areas of the home are saving energy and remain at the proper comfort level.
  • Be consistent: Use the “Hold” feature sparingly if possible. Avoid using the hold/permanent/vacation override unless the home is to be empty for an extended period of time. Use the temporary override for short periods.
  • Avoid excessive settings: Leave the programmable thermostat settings in place if possible. Coming in cold and trying to elevate the temperature quickly by raising it to 80 or 90 degrees will not increase the temperature any faster than setting it to 72 or 74.
  • Use long-period setbacks: Programmable thermostat settings should be used for at least 8-hour periods. Using setbacks for only one or two hours will show a negligible increase in energy savings.

Using proper programmable thermostat settings will give you optimum savings and maintain proper comfort levels. Again, determine the best settings and times to suit your family and your lifestyle. Once found, leave them and be consistent with the schedules and temperatures for the highest energy savings.

Programmable thermostats are a definite enhancement to any home comfort system. If you would like more information on their features, proper use and ways to maximize efficiency, contact us at All Year. We want you to maintain the best home comfort possible for the lowest costs. Serving the Greater Sacramento area, we’re always happy to answer your questions.

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