How to keep your house warm this fall

As summer comes to a close, the well-loved fall breeze eases in. While almost everyone loves this subtle change in temperature, it cannot be denied that fall can also bring some chilly days and nights. To others, this is an anticipated event. To some, this means time to put on the layers. Whichever you choose of the two, we are going to give you six ways to keep your house warm this fall season!

• Know when to open/shut your curtains.
By knowing when to open or close your curtains can spell a world of difference in the internal temperature of the house. Even during fall, the sun emits warmth throughout the day. Make sure to open your curtains to let in the sunlight. This will serve as a natural heating system for your house. At night, it’s time to shut these curtains to block off the cool wind. Make sure to get thick curtains for maximum effect.

• Move your furniture.
The best way to make the most out of your heating vents is to free them up from any blockage. You may not knowingly have placed your furniture in front of these vents. Take the time to move them and ensure that the vents are not blocked. This way, the room gets the maximum heat potential.

• Check your homes for leaks.
Leaks can be everywhere – from your basement to your attic. Leaks allow cold air inside, which you do not want as the nights get colder and colder. Call a professional to check out if your home has leaks and have them repaired right away.

• Time for a cook fest!
If summer prevented you from using your oven too much, well, fall won’t do that to you. This season is perfect for baking, broiling, and slow cooking! Head out to your local grocery, buy that meat you’ve wanted to cook for the longest time. Whip out your baking materials and surprise your family with a cake. Anything you want to cook, do it now because the warmth from your kitchen is very much welcome in this cold season.

• Layer up!
Layering is not just for clothes. Layering can also be done in your house. Look for affordable carpet and throws and put them in your home. The textile will absorb more heat and add coziness. Pillows are also an excellent choice for adding warmth to a room.

• Check your HVAC system.
The most important thing to do as the cold season draws near is to have your heating system checked. It should be working properly and efficiently at all times. Otherwise, you run the risk of high electricity charges and uncomfortably cold temperatures. Make sure to hire professionals for this task!

Are you ready to kiss summer goodbye and welcome fall with open arms? Maybe you just to need to tick one more box in your to-do list before you can say you are fully ready? That is to have your heaters repaired and checked out! If you are Sacramento, call the best HVAC service providers you can find! All Year Inc. is the number 1 in HVAC repair and maintenance! For years, we have been a dependable choice! Call us today at 916-922-7796 to know more about our services!