All-Year - How To Find the Ideal Thermostat Setting (at Home) in the Fall

How To Find the Ideal Thermostat Setting (at Home) in the Fall

Everyone has his or her own preference when deciding what temperature to set the air conditioner’s thermostat in fall. There really isn’t a specific answer to finding the best thermostat temperature in the fall, since people have different needs and tastes.

If you really want to know the best temperature to set your thermostat in the fall, you need to set up a list of your priorities first so you can check off which setting works best for what you want. For instance, the most comfortable temperature might not be the same as the thermostat setting that saves the most energy.

Setting the ideal temperature to set your thermostat in during the fall season can be tricky, so you should know what exactly you value most. Is it a question of comfort? That’s subjective, so there’s no exact guide to determine the best temperature for that. Are you looking to lessen energy costs? The government has laid out a few options that work best when trying to maximize efficiency for lower power generation costs.

To help you find the thermostat setting that works best for you, here are some other things you should know when considering the best temperature for your thermostat in the fall:

Energy Efficiency Doesn’t Necessarily Mean Comfort

According to the local utility companies in Sacramento, the ideal thermostat setting on your air conditioner if you wish to save on energy costs is at 78 degrees. You will save around 5 to 10 percent on your average energy bill for every 2 degrees you increase the temperature, but too much heat can cause discomfort in your home. For some homeowners, the discomfort is just not worth the extra savings.

An AC thermostat setting of 78 degrees might not be cool enough to handle the normal temperature in Sacramento during the fall season. Many homeowners adjust the temperatures to better suit their comfort needs. Once the house feels cool enough, you can simply adjust the thermostat settings once more to 80 or 82 degrees to make up for the energy costs.

The ideal thermostat setting should find a balance between your ideal comfort temperature and the total energy consumption you can afford.

Air Conditioning Maintenance is Ideal

The air conditioner is often overlooked in the household. Not all homeowners regularly get their AC units serviced and maintained, and as such it’s common for the air conditioner to accumulate damage until the owner finally notices it’s not performing optimally.

Making sure that your air conditioner is still in good shape is ideal so that you won’t get caught off-guard. It’s difficult to find out your AC isn’t working properly anymore just when you need it the most, which could be often given Sacramento’s heat levels. If your air conditioner has not received professional maintenance in a while, you might want to schedule a full service and cleaning soon. Keeping your AC well-maintained can significantly increase its shelf life while saving you a lot of money in energy costs.

Not all maintenance duties are for a professional to do. You can also help keep your AC in good shape by changing the filter whenever necessary. A clean filter not only increases the AC’s efficiency but also ensures your family’s health is not compromised by breathing in unwanted dirt and dust particles.

A Final Word on Finding the Ideal AC Thermostat During Fall

Many homeowners often ask their HVAC technicians, “what temperature should I set my thermostat in the fall?” Regardless of the technician’s skill level, he (or she) won’t be able to give you a definitive answer because your preferences and priorities will not always be the same as his (or hers).

Your ideal AC thermostat settings will completely depend upon your preferred comfort level and the desired energy bill you want to have at the end of the month. If you have any questions or concerns about your air conditioner such as how much you can expect a particular temperature setting to cost, don’t hesitate to contact All Year Sacramento. All Year is the top business in the Sacramento area when it comes to anything concerned with air conditioners and furnaces, and can surely help you with all your HVAC-related needs.