How Often Should You Tune Up Your Home Heating System?

Your heating system, just like most of your machines at home need a regular check-up and maintenance to make sure it runs smoothly. Especially during this wintertime, your house heating system and your furnace should be at their top shape to provide a healthy level of warmth inside the home. Below are some important information you need to know regarding the right way to maintain your furnace:


Once a year, before the cold weather starts, can be a good time to schedule a check-up for your heating system. However, doing the check-up more than once a year can also have its benefits. Our heating systems are not only affected by the weather, it is also prone to wear and tear and other issues. Consider the nature of your machine when planning for a regular check-up. Different heating systems require different levels of care; each of them having their own specifications. That being said, be sure to check with your contractor about what kind of repairs your heating system needs, depending on its composition.


Check-ups do not really cost much. But, repairs and replacements are for another story.

Here are the top four must-do of a contractor when visiting your house for an inspection:

  1. First off is inspecting the thermostat settings to see if the functions of your heating system is working properly.
  2. Next, they have to make sure that all electrical connections are intact, and should be followed by a voltage testing. This step is done to avoid components from failing in the future, especially during the winter.
  3. Third, the contractors must lubricate all moving parts of the system. Then, they should visit the condensate drain to ensure that there are no clogs and build ups inside.
  4. Last is testing the start-up and shutdown controls, to make sure they operate as per instructions. Then, the filters will be replaced if it is no longer a candidate for a simple cleaning job.

But, if your contractor thinks that there is more to do than a simple tinkering to check the health of your system, then the cost can go up the roof depending on the problem that needs to be solved. If this happens, you now have to start worrying about labor cost, buying parts and components, and how many days will it take to have your system up and running again. On an average, a check-up will cost you less than a hundred dollars. Anything more than that can be considered a scam. So be very careful when choosing your contractors.


If you need more information about your other machines that might need some wintertime repairs like your air conditioner, you can also read up on our blog on when to repair or replace the unit here.


When looking for contractors, make sure that they are credible. Check if they are registered as a business in your town. You can also ask your neighbors for recommendations. A good friendly neighbor will have your best interest at heart when you inquire about these things.

There are many heating and air contractors in Sacramento, California, but very few are reliable and can commit to a quality service.

We at All Year can promise you the best service all year round when you reach out to us with an inquiry or a job order for your furnace repair needs.