What You Need to Know About Getting Your AC Ready for Summer

Getting your AC ready for summer: What you need to know

Your AC needs regular maintenance to function efficiently throughout its years of service, especially during summer when the sweltering heat becomes unbearable. At a minimum, have your units inspected at least once a year, but for optimal results, schedule their routine maintenance every six months–once in the fall and once in the spring. 


Working with a reputable Sacramento HVAC contractor that will conduct a routine maintenance is important to ensure that your AC’s performance is optimal. At All Year, our certified technicians can inspect your air conditioner units and conduct repairs when needed so they function properly and won’t use excessive amounts of electricity. 


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DIY maintenance you can do for your AC

While a once or twice a year routine maintenance is advisable, as a homeowner, you also need to do your part to make sure that your AC functions properly throughout its years of service. However, anything that involves electricity, repairs and “complicated” replacement and maintenance is best left to HVAC professionals. 


Change your air filters 

Did you know that a dirty filter causes your AC to consume 5-15% more energy than usual because the restricted airflow forces the fan motors and valves to work more than necessary? 


As a general rule, homeowners should replace their AC filters every three months. However, those who live with pets or family members with allergies, and those with large families should change them more frequently. 


Meanwhile, the ideal “Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value” rating for air filters for residential HVAC systems is 13. MERV ranges from 1-20, and as the rating increases, the smaller particles they can capture. 


To ensure excellent performance and longevity of your AC, avoid filters with MERV rating that’s too high for the unit because they result in less airflow and higher resistance, forcing your unit to work harder and use more energy. 


The right air filters also depend on your AC’s dimension and the size of your household. 


Clean your evaporator coils

Dirty evaporators affect your AC’s energy efficiency and function by up to 40%. As a general rule, you need to clean it at least once a year, or better yet, ask us to include this service in your seasonal maintenance. 


The evaporator coils are found inside the indoor handling unit, right behind the removable access panel. 


Note that DIY cleaning is possible if you only need to remove light amounts of dirt (you can use a soft brush or compressed air), but if you’re dealing with heavily soiled coils, it’s best to leave it to the expert who has the right tools and supplies to clean them–e.g., steam cleaner, pressure washer and heavy-duty cleaner. 


Trim your landscaping around your AC

Many homeowners try to “hide” their AC unit outside through creative landscaping, such as placing stack planter boxes or growing vines around it. However, it’s important to keep at least a 5-foot clearance between them and the AC for optimal performance. 


Schedule AC maintenance and HVAC repair 

At a minimum, you should aim to have your HVAC serviced and maintained yearly. But for optimal performance, it’s best to have it scheduled twice a year, ideally before winter and summer. 


At All Year, our technicians conduct yearly AC maintenance that includes checking the Freon level, cleaning the evaporator coils, and doing necessary repairs to ensure that your unit uses less energy and functions efficiently. 


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