Get the Most out of your Heating System this Winter!

When it comes to the costs of heating your home during the winter season, you don’t have to experience exponentially higher energy bills if your Sacramento heating system is optimally used and properly maintained in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations.

By taking the time to address the needs of your home’s Sacramento heating system on a regular basis, you are guaranteed to experience a warmer, comfortable home this winter season! So in an effort to get the most out of your heater this winter, take the following 3 ways you can instantly improve the way the Sacramento heating system works:

  1. Have the heater cleaned and tuned-up every year: If you expect your heating system to work at top levels of performance year in and year out, then it is a must that you have it examined by a technician on a regular basis. After a hot summer in Sacramento, the dust and dirt which have built up in the nooks and crannies of the unit could put unnecessary stress on the heater, causing a major loss in efficiency.

In addition to cleaning your Sacramento heating system, the technician will also tighten any bolts, belts, and fittings which may have come loose during the summer. By having a regular cleaning and tune up performed on your heater before winter sets in, not only will you save a good deal on energy bills, but you will also reduce the possibility of future leaks and tears of those individual components.

  1. Heating system upgrade: Another way to improve the efficiency of your heater this winter season is through supplementary components that will help your Sacramento heating system function according to your home’s unique heating needs.

Take for example, the upgrade known as zone controls, the component which gives you the power to heat individual parts of your home separately, allowing you to save big on monthly bills by strategically scheduling when to have the heater on in specific rooms based on your activity. Even properly using a programmable thermostat will drastically improve the efficiency of your system by eliminating energy waste that happens when you heat or cool your home unnecessarily.

  1. Improve the insulation throughout your home: It is hard to overstate the effects of a properly insulated home in terms of overall heating system efficiency and lowering the costs of one’s monthly energy bill. Arguably the most beneficial part about having a properly insulated home is that it lowers costs throughout the entire year, by keeping cool air in during the summer, and warm air in during the winter.

Many homeowners would be shocked to find how much energy could be saved by improving the sealing of your outer walls, windows, and doors, since so much air travels thorough this envelope when not properly sealed. Likewise, a well insulated home also benefits by reducing humidity levels and even helping in the area of noise reduction. Also consider sealing the individual air ducts that run through the garage, attic, or crawlspaces, as these ducts are a common way that air escapes when being ran into the house.

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