Get Ready for El Niño with a Furnace Tune Up

While the average California winter isn’t typically very stressful on the everyday Sacramento furnace, this season’s El Niño forecast as predicted by weather experts could mean your furnace is in for a different experience this winter. Since you will likely be spending a great deal of time inside your home this season trying to stay protected from El Niño, it would be in your best interest to consult a Sacramento area professional for a thorough furnace tune-up before the real cold weather arrives. Moreover, it is even more pertinent to have your furnace looked at by a technician this year because the recent drought means that your furnace hasn’t been exposed to colder temperatures for long periods of time, leaving the unit vulnerable to easy breakdowns.

There are a handful of options when it comes to furnace related issues that you will want to have addressed by an All Year Sacramento professional prior to the arrival of El Niño. Whether you are looking for a furnace tune-up, an inspection, a repair, or the complete replacement of your heating system altogether, a Sacramento HVAC specialist can help you get your furnace in working order this winter. While it is true that most experts advise an annual tune-up to ensure optimal functioning of any furnace, it is imperative to get an inspection of your unit this year especially if you have not been keeping a regular maintenance schedule. This is due to the fact that the upcoming weather forecasts suggest that we are in for a very wet and cold next few months, and a furnace emergency during the rainy season is one of those experiences that all families (and their bank accounts!) would like to avoid. Therefore, if you are looking to stay ahead of any potential furnace-related disasters this winter season, you will need to schedule an inspection with a trusted Sacramento technician who can perform a cleaning and make all the appropriate adjustments to the furnace. Likewise, if you have specific concerns regarding the efficiency of your furnace and questions about more energy proficient options for keeping your house warm from El Niño this season, make sure to ask your technician for further information.

A prompt and detailed examination of the furnace by an expert is the best way to ensure that your home’s heating needs will be met this winter. The HVAC technician will need to inspect all the components of furnace in order to establish if the unit is in optimal working order, such as adjusting and checking the cleanliness of the main burners and inspecting the heat exchanges for leaks. More importantly, it is a matter of safety that the technician cleans out the filters and checks all gas valves, as neglecting these components could pose a fire hazard.

Once your furnace has been tuned-up and prepared for the challenges posed by the El Niño rains this winter, remember to schedule your next maintenance appointment with All Year Sacramento heating and air specialist to stay ahead of the game! All Year is here to help you keep your furnace working perfectly when you most need it!