Signs You Need Furnace Repairs

Signs You Need Furnace Repairs

Believe it or not, the majority of Sacramento furnace repairs related house calls made by HVAC technicians are actually for issues which can be solved directly by the homeowner themselves with relatively little time and effort!

So if you are currently stuck with a furnace or thermostat that is not working, consider giving it a look yourself before calling your Sacramento furnace repair service! To assist you in seeking out and repairing the issue preventing your furnace from working properly, below is a list of eight tips that address the most common culprits behind a malfunctioning furnace.

8 Signs That You Need Sacramento Furnace Repairs

  1. Check the functions and settings of the thermostat to make sure it is accurately programmed, including the date and time. After checking the temperature and making sure it is on “Heat” and not, “Cool”, bump up the temperature setting to five degrees warmer than the room temperature to see if that kicks the system on. If not, check the wiring from the thermostat to the furnace, repairing any breaks you find. Also consider simply replacing the battery and gently blowing out any dust or debris underneath the outer casing of the thermostat.
  2. Consider consulting the owner’s manual for any technical questions, most of which can be located online.
  3. Check all shutoff switches and breakers, since sometimes the only thing preventing a furnace from working is a flipped-off switch; thus, one of the first places you should look prior to calling a Sacramento furnace repair specialist is the main furnace switch (some are harder to find than others but all furnaces have one). The circuit breaker for the furnace and the push-in switch underneath the front panel covering the blower motor must also be checked.
  4. Change those filters! One of the most common causes of a failed furnace is clogged and dirty filters, since a furnace will shut off automatically if the heat exchanger becomes overheated from a restricted airflow. Don’t forget to turn off the shut off switch and the thermostat prior to changing the filter.
  5. Check the gas line or pilot light. Follow the gas line from the furnace to the gas meter, looking for any gas valves that may be off, or perpendicular to the gas pipe. Should you have an older boiler or furnace, make sure that the pilot light is lit.
  6. Dismantle and clean out the duct at the spot where it exits the furnace in order to check for debris that may have fallen into the chimney exhaust flue. Remember to reassemble all the various pieces in the precise way in which you took them apart.
  7. Examine any ductwork that you can see, looking for any gaps in need of sealing with special metal duct tape. If you find that air flow is restricted in some rooms and not others, then check the individual room registers to see that they are open.
  8. If any vents or other furnace related apparatus are on the outside of the house, be sure that the area around them is clean and free of leaves and debris so as not to get the system clogged.

If after addressing all of these items you find that your furnace is still not working, then it is best for you to consult with a Sacramento furnace repair expert, like All Year Air Conditioning and Heating, for trusted advice and professional service. Don’t forget to contact us for all your furnace related problems!