Energy Saving Tips: Put These 'Green' Practices to Work in Your Sacramento Home

Energy Saving Tips: Put These ‘Green’ Practices to Work in Your Sacramento Home

Putting “green” practices to work can save you money year-round. It offers a great way to balance modern living while saving both money and lowering your home’s impact on the environment. The best part is that many of these practices don’t cost a lot to make happen.

Try These Green Energy Saving Tips!

Here are seven tips you can use to save money and lower your home’s environmental impact.

  • Have your HVAC equipment checked every year. Routine maintenance will keep the equipment working at optimal levels. The technician can also catch leaks and other problems early.
  • Install a programmable thermostat with an Energy Star rating. Using one of these thermostats, you don’t have to think about adjusting the temperature setting to manually.
  • Check air filters once a month and replace as needed. A clogged filter will make the HVAC equipment less efficient which drives up energy use.
  • Turn off the vents to areas you are not using. That extra bedroom or bonus space that no one uses is just extra space you are paying to heat and cool.
  • Make sure you have adequate insulation in your home. Check the attic first because that’s the best place to add insulation if you want to make an impact on energy costs. When doing a renovation, make adding extra insulation a priority.
  • Lower your thermostat in winter. For every degree you lower your thermostat in winter, you can save up to 5 percent on your heating bill. Wear sweaters to stay comfortable.
  • Use a humidifier to increase humidity levels inside the house in winter.When the air is dry, it feels cooler. Adding humidity will make cooler temperatures more comfortable for people in the house.

With a small investment up front and some simple lifestyle changes, you can save on your energy bills while still maintaining a comfortable home.

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