Consider Radiant Heating This Year!

As summer is here, now is the time to think about renovating your heating system so it’ll be ready in time for the cooler months. As an option, radiant floor heat has a lot to offer: 

  • It’s an energy saver. It’s more energy-efficient than baseboard heat and usually more so than central heating, and liquid-based systems use little electricity.
  • It can alleviate your allergies. Unlike forced-air heating, radiant heating doesn’t circulate air — or dust, pet dander and other allergens.
  • It’s versatile. Liquid-based, or hydronic, radiant systems can be heated via a range of energy sources, including boilers fired by gas, oil or wood and water heaters that use solar energy.
  • It’s less bulky. Most of the equipment is hidden under your floor. No big furnace required. And radiant systems reduce or eliminate the need for humidifiers, because they don’t change the air moisture content of the air in your home.

Here’s how it works. Radiant floor heating systems circulate water heated by a boiler through plastic tubing installed in your floors to evenly distribute heat throughout your home. Radiant heating systems heat objects, not the air. Therefore, heat is not wasted at the ceiling or lost when a door or window is opened. Warmth is kept where it is needed most, around the floor to keep your feet warm at all times, which is the key to comfort.

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