Condensing Gas Furnace? Installation Factors to Keep in Mind

Condensing Gas Furnace? Installation Factors to Keep in Mind

Considering installing a condensing gas furnace? There are several factors you should keep in mind. If the appliance is installed correctly, you can enjoy energy savings and a cozy, comfortable home during the cold winter months.

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Here are some tips on proper condensing gas furnace installation:

  1. Make sure you and your HVAC technician have selected a good location for condensing gas furnace installation. Condensing gas furnaces can corrode if location conditions are not ideal. Make sure your furnace is using 100-percent outside air for combustion. Air inside your home contains contaminants that can degrade the integrity of your furnace parts. Bleach, paint thinners, fabric softeners and salt from water softeners can cause condensation and corrosion of your furnace over time.

  2. Have a current system check performed. Make sure your duct-work and other parts of your home heating system are in good order.

  3. Size matters. When choosing your condensing gas furnace, oversizing doesn’t pay. Oversizing can lead to shortened firing cycles. This doesn’t allow the furnace to get hot enough to dry up condensation. An oversized furnace can also lead to erratic temperature changes within the home.

  4. Choose units with sealed combustion. Using a sealed combustion unit stops contaminants from entering the system and reduces back drafting from other appliances such as water heaters.

  5. Ensure proper venting. For condensing gas furnace installation, pitch exhaust piping at least a quarter-inch per foot of vent piping. This will allow condensation to flow back through the furnace. Make sure your exhaust piping is supported. Low spots can cause pooling of condensation which can cause corrosion.

  6. Proper drainage is a must. The pitch of your pipe and the support of your exhaust should encourage good condensate drainage, and your HVAC technician should notice.

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