Common Air Conditioning Problems in Sacramento

Common Air Conditioning Problems in Sacramento

One small problem with the air conditioning system in your home has the potential to evolve into a serious issue, if it is not properly addressed in a timely manner. Before you schedule an appointment with an air conditioning service in the Sacramento area, there is a handful of common problems you should know about so you can be prepared for some of the possible things that can go wrong with your air conditioning system.

Sacramento Air Conditioning Problems

First and foremost, dirty and clogged air filters can decrease the efficiency of the air conditioner, so it is important to remember to replace these filters (unless they are washable) every month during the cooling season. Your chosen air conditioning service of Sacramento can assist you in choosing the ideal type of filter the energy needs and air quality concerns of your home.

Similarly, another common problem found with air conditioners relates to the general condition of the unit itself, in terms of sticks and other debris accumulating in the housing component. An AC unit also works best when the system’s air condenser and compressor are free of debris and at least two feet away from nearby shrubs and branches, as well as all the registers and vents.

Make sure to also pay attention to other immediate signs of problems, such as loud or abnormal sounds coming from the unit as it is running. Likewise, if you observe any visible signs of frost or ice, this is an indication of a bigger problem, like low refrigerant levels or a restricted evaporator coil. Should you come across this issue, make sure to call your preferred air conditioning service in Sacramento in order to receive a quick and accurate problem-diagnosis.

The next step to take to find the common problem before it becomes a bigger one, simply requires you to observe the running cycle of your home’s air conditioner. An improper cooling cycle is actually a potential indication to you that your HVAC system is in need of some assistance! Most air conditioning services in Sacramento would tell homeowners that an air conditioner is likely to be in good shape if it has a regular and consistent schedule of on and off periods during which it operates. If you happen to find that the unit shuts off sporadically instead of maintaining a regular pattern, consider consulting your Sacramento area air conditioning service expert technician sooner rather than later!

Finally, while it is not advised that you as the homeowner attempt any AC repairs on your own, one last area you should consider inspecting is the fuse box. The common problem of a tripped breaker, typically caused during a storm, is easy enough to discern upon looking inside the fuse box. However, should the system continue to shut down after you flipped the breaker back, this could also be an indication of a bigger problem.

Now that you are aware of some of the basic things that go wrong air conditioners, remember to schedule your annual system check up with an expert air conditioning service in the Sacramento area. Make sure that your technician does a thorough job covering the areas of the coils, fan belts, lubricating motors and bearings, blowers, fans, and refrigerant levels and pressures.