Can A Variable-Speed Blower Motor Contribute To Energy Savings?

Can A Variable-Speed Blower Motor Contribute To Energy Savings?

The addition of a variable-speed blower to any heating and air unit is a great enhancement for comfort and an energy saver. Up until recently, heating and air blowers had just two speeds — on and off.  The blower ran at one speed every time. Usually, it was quite easy to tell when the blower was running because of the sound. With the whisper-quietness of a variable-speed blower, you may never know when it’s on.

Comfort advantages

A variable-speed blower usually comes on at a low speed. Then, by using “smart” technology,  if the desired heating or cooling temperature is not reached, the blower will step up to a higher speed. By using a gradual speed, air circulation is improved and conditioned air in the home is more evenly distributed. In multi-level homes, this mixes air more efficiently so that upper rooms are just as comfortable as lower rooms. Better air circulation also leads to better air filtration so that even your indoor air quality is improved.

Energy savings

A variable-speed blower makes better use of the energy to heat or cool your home. By gradually moving air, hot and cold spots are reduced and your equipment tends to run less often. You avoid the sudden “rush” of air that causes a spike in temperature. This saves on energy costs. In addition, the costs to run the variable-speed blower are lower as well. At higher speeds, the blower still is about 20 percent less expensive to operate than a one-speed blower. At the lower speeds, there is around a 30 percent reduction in electricity usage.

With quieter operation, better air circulation, greater comfort and lower energy costs, these blowers have no drawbacks. The only problem may be that your home does not have one.

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