Attic Sealing Goes A Long Way!

Attic Sealing Goes A Long Way!

One of the biggest sources of energy loss in many homes is through the attic. Conditioned air is drawn into the attic through leaks between the top level of your home and the attic floor, forcing your heating and cooling system to work harder to maintain the thermostat’s temperature settings. Proper attic sealing can help reduce this energy loss, saving you money on monthly heating and cooling bills.

In addition to air leaks, improper ventilation can be a source of reduced home comfort and energy efficiency. Air that leaks into your attic contains water vapor; if it becomes trapped in the attic, you may see problems caused by the excess moisture. If your attic has warped wood, bubbled paint, wet insulation, or mold and mildew, you should invest in proper attic sealing and ventilation.

Here are some steps you can take to ensure proper attic sealing and ventilation:

  • Vent outside. Exhaust fans in the kitchen and bathroom should vent to the outdoors, not into the attic.
  • Check the roof. If your roof is leaky or aging, installing new weatherproofing can help prevent water from leaking into the attic.
  • Seal air leaks. Air can leak from the top level of your home into the attic through holes cut for wiring and plumbing, gaps around the ducts, and light fixtures. Attic sealing will help prevent humid air from leaving your living space and entering the attic. In addition to protecting the attic, this will also help improve home comfort and energy efficiency.
  • Insulate. Heat will transfer in or out if you don’t have enough insulation in the attic, increasing monthly utility bills.
  • Ventilate. Proper ventilation is just as important as attic sealing.  A professional will correctly install soffit and ridge vents.

The professionals at All Year can help you identify and correct sources of energy loss in your home. Our Sacramento SMUD Home Performance Program will ensure that you know exactly where the leaks are coming from, so the appropriate repairs can be made.

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