Are Solar Panels Right For Me?

Are Solar Panels Right For Me?

Solar panel installation is a worthwhile investment, especially if you live in sunny regions like the Sacramento Area, which on average, has 269 sunny days per year. According to an estimate released by EnergySage, most homeowners can save $10,000 – $30,000 on their electricity cost over the lifetime of this clean energy source. You may want to  visit All Year to learn more about how much you can save with solar panel installation.


However, the savings vary significantly because of different factors, including your location (or to be exact, the number of sunny days in your region), the size of your household and its energy usage, and the solar panel system.


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Continue reading below to learn more about solar panels and decide if they are an excellent option for you.

How do solar panels work? 

When the sunlight shines onto the solar panels, the PV cells on the surface absorb this energy that creates electrical charges, which you can store in a battery (off-grid system). 


But if you want to save money during the installation, you may want to skip having a battery and instead go “grid-tied,” which means that you draw power from your utility’s grid every time there is no or low solar production (which happens during bad weather, evening and early morning). 


How long do solar panels last? 

On average, solar panels are expected to last 20-25 years; however, it doesn’t mean that they will completely stop working after this period. Probably, you’ll just notice that they won’t be producing the same amount of energy as they used to. 


The great news is that your solar panels may work as long as 40-50 years with proper maintenance and installation. That’s why you need to enlist the service of a reputable solar roof installation company like All Year, which provides a warranty on its products and services.


What are the pros and cons of solar panels?

Solar panels are a clean and renewable energy source that has a positive impact on the environment, your electricity cost and the value of your home. Additionally, it’s a worthwhile investment for most homeowners living in sunny regions because they can expect a payback period between six and 10 years. 


On the flip side, solar panels are weather-dependent. Fortunately, this is not an issue if you live in the Sacramento Area and other sunny regions. 


In general, solar panel installation is a worthwhile investment for homeowners who live in a region that receives an average of four peak sun hours a day. 


If your panels have low solar production because of bad weather or the season has longer nights and shorter days, your home will draw energy from the utility’s grid. 


Installing solar panels in Sacramento

For Sacramento residents, solar panels are a worthwhile investment because of the following reasons: 

  • They receive sufficient sunlight throughout the year. 
  • Solar panel installation is becoming more affordable. 
  • There are tax breaks and other incentives to encourage more Sacramento homeowners to install this clean energy source. 
  • Solar panels are an excellent investment for those living in areas prone to power outages. 


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Contact All Year if you want to get a free quote for your solar panel installation or need more information about this renewable energy source that’s good for the environment and your pocket as well.