Annual Service Check: Why Twice A Year Is Better

Annual Service Check: Why Twice A Year Is Better

Getting an annual service check is important. You know that. What you might not know, however, is that having preventive maintenance twice a year is even better. Let’s use a sports analogy to see how this works.

The star player

While you may think it makes sense to service both systems once a year, it’s not enough. That’s because both systems draw on shared components to heat and cool the home, which means some parts of your HVAC system pull double duty, much like a star player logs a lot of playing time.


When your heating or cooling system is not in use, it can collect dust and dirt. The heating system is effectively sidelined for a season while the air conditioner takes over, and vice versa in the winter. The ideal annual service check regimen involves a fall tuneup for the heating system and a spring service for the A/C.

The Hail Mary

Having service done once a year is akin to the Hail Mary. The game is down to the last minute, and a player launches a long-shot pass in the hopes of scoring.

Picture a scenario where maintenance for the heating and cooling systems is done in the fall. The contractor inspects and cleans components. That’s great for the heating system, but the cooling system won’t be used for months to come.

Meanwhile, the heater is used throughout the winter, which means your duct system and air handler are working hard, too. Summer arrives and your A/C system has been serviced, but the air handler and ductwork have logged a lot of minutes. You’ve launched your Hail Mary with last fall’s maintenance, but there’s a much better way to service your systems to score efficiency and savings all year.

An annual service check is good. Twice-yearly service is better. It takes good care of your systems so that they work well when you need them and to extend the life of the systems. Contact the experts at All Year Heating, Air & Solar. Our comprehensive maintenance checks and customer service will have you and your systems scoring big all year long.

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