Benefits of an Annual Maintenance Agreement

Benefits of an Annual Maintenance Agreement

Just like any piece of mechanical equipment, your heating and air system needs annual service. An annual maintenance agreement with your heating and air contractor can provide just such a service automatically. It’s one less thing you need to remember, and it has far-reaching benefits.

Why have an annual maintenance agreement?

Keeping your equipment regularly serviced is, first of all, financially smart. During a season of heating or cooling, there are a lot of little things that can wear out, burn out, come loose or break down. Often, catching these small problems prevents a costly service call to repair or replace a big problem. Regular service also prolongs the life of your equipment. Just as oil changes prolong a vehicle’s engine life, regular service extends the life of your heating and cooling equipment.

An annual maintenance agreement is also a convenience. Your heating and air contractor calls and sets up an appointment automatically for a convenient time for you. You never have to think about it and remember to have it performed. It’s one less responsibility taken off your shoulders.

Getting your equipment serviced keeps the system in top shape. You don’t have to worry about a breakdown for the coming season and calling the technician out in foul weather or on a holiday to repair or replace an expensive problem.

What an annual maintenance agreement covers? 

Even though a service call is usually quick, it covers a lot of potential problems. Depending on your equipment, here are just a few things that are checked:

  • Electrical connections: Connections can work loose. All connections are checked and tightened if necessary.
  • Lubrication: All moving parts are lubricated to reduce friction and heat buildup and to save energy.
  • System controls: Controls are checked to make sure your equipment comes on, runs and shuts off properly.
  • Cleaning: Built-up grime steals energy and slows down equipment. Your technician will clean all parts.

Our annual maintenance agreement also gives you a discount on future service calls. Keep your equipment in top shape. For complete information, contact us at All Year. Serving the Greater Sacramento region, we’re always ready to help.

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