Annual HVAC Maintenance Alleviates System Strain And More!

Annual HVAC Maintenance Alleviates System Strain And More!

Consider the way an air conditioning or heating system operates. It works off and on, 24 hours a day for months on end. Then, it stops and sits idle for several months. We start it up again and expect it to pick right up where it left off, running perfectly.

We have high expectations for our equipment. If it’s neglected, we should lower our expectations. With annual HVAC maintenance, we have every right to have those high expectations.

Annual Sacramento HVAC maintenance as an investment

When we run our HVAC equipment, tiny things can go wrong. As it sits idle and is started again, those tiny problems can develop into big ones. Mechanical wear and tear can grow and spread to other parts, resulting in a serious breakdown. Annual HVAC maintenance alerts us to those tiny problems before they become larger ones. A once-per-year checkup is a tiny investment compared to the expense of a serious repair or replacement.

Reduced system strain equals lower costs

Having annual Sacramento HVAC maintenance done will produce the following results:

  • Peace of mind: Once checked, you can rest assured that your equipment is ready for the next season.
  • Longer life span: Your system will have a longer service life if parts are kept clean, lubricated and working properly.
  • Reduced operating costs: Freely moving parts working together reduce equipment strain. This causes your equipment to use less energy.
  • Identify problems early: If serious problems are discovered early, you have the option of time to consider repairing or replacing the unit. This is a far better option than having to make snap decisions during a mid-season breakdown.

The cost of having a service check can, quite often, be offset by the energy savings gained from making sure your equipment is running at peak level. The peace of mind and added years to your equipment are bonus features.

For more information, contact us at All Year. We have a great service agreement plan that will keep your equipment running at maximum performance. It also provides discounts on future service calls. Serving the Greater Sacramento area, we are always happy to help.

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