All Year’s Solar PV System Design Gives You The Edge

All Year’s Solar PV System Design Gives You The Edge

Thinking about ways to save money on your energy bill? Concerned about climate change and your impact on the environment? As energy costs continue to climb, it is worthwhile to look into alternative solutions that might be right for your home. Here in Sacramento, we are blessed with an abundance of sunshine, and the time is right to install a solar PV system. PV stands for photovoltaic, a proven method for generating electricity by converting solar radiation.

What are the benefits of a solar power installation? You can:

  • See an immediate reduction in your energy bill.
  • Reduce your carbon footprint and help the environment.
  • Generate electricity with durable equipment that can last for decades.
  • Receive rebates from your utility company.
  • Receive tax breaks from federal, state, and local governments.
  • See a return on your investment in as little as seven years.
  • Increase the value of your home.
  • Generate a reliable source of electricity at peak times of the day.

Gone are the days when solar power was considered an expensive, untested technology. Driven by ongoing advances in technology, coupled with economies of scale in manufacturing, the cost of solar panels has declined dramatically in the past 10 years. Combined with utility rebates, along with local, state and federal tax incentives, a solar PV system is now within reach of many homeowners. Solar power also has a big advantage over traditional sources of energy in that it is produced at the peak times of day, when power grids are receiving the most demand.

Once installed, a solar PV system can start saving you money on your energy bills immediately. You may also qualify for utility rebates, as well as local, state, and federal tax breaks that are available for clean energy installations.

An energy audit with a solar consultant can help decide whether a solar solution is right for your home. All Year Heating, Air & Solar can answer any questions and provide expert advice. Please contact us.

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